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I want to be a Hogg

Posted by on September 27, 2011
I've lived in Houston almost 5 years now and still keep finding interesting things to do and explore. I've driven past the Bayou Bend Collections & Gardens Museum dozens of times, but finally had some time to kill one day and decided to stop. Nice place! It's all about Ima Hogg (yes, that is her real name) and her house and gardens. Ima Hogg was mega-rich because with a name like that you'd have to be rich or your life would be filled with torment. But she had the last laugh by striking oil on her property and spending all her millions on stuff that still benefits Houstonians to this very day such as musuems, gardens, and all of Memorial Park. Thanks Ima! I hope to be as much of a Hogg as you some day!

Here's some more information on Ima Hogg if you are interested: Wikipedia Report on Miss Hogg Bayou Bend on Wikipedia Houstonian History Share on Facebook

One Response to I want to be a Hogg

  1. Lloyd

    Looks like the botanical garden in Hawaii