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An Archbishop in the Family Tree!

Posted by on June 26, 2012

Off and on, I’ve been working on the Family Trees of both Holly and myself using Some really cool stuff has been popping up such as last night’s find of Lord John Lee Sharp, Archbishop of York being in family tree. He is my 10th Great Grandfather and was a high ranking cleric in the Church of England.

Here’s a picture of the guy. Click on the image to find out more about him.

The Archbishop of York is a high-ranking cleric in the Church of England, second only to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of York and metropolitan of the Province of York, which covers the northern portion of England (north of the Trent) as well as the Isle of Man. You can read more about the Archbishop’s position on Wikipedia. Lord John Sharp is mention in the Post-Reformation list at year 1691.

If I did my research correctly, John Sharp was Dean of Canterbury in 1689 and then 3 years later became Archbishop of York. I assume Sharp served as Dean at Canterbury Cathedral and then later moved north to the Province of York. The picture below is of Canterbury Cathedral, one of the oldest and most famous structures in England. Lots of information about the Cathedral can be found on Wikipedia as well as the Canterbury Cathedral website. I do know know for certain, but after Sharp moved north to the Province of York, he may have taken up residence in this mansion – Bishopthorpe Palace – which is where the seated Archbishop of York would have (and still does) live.

Take a quick tour of Canterbury Cathedral:

Or if you want to know more about Canterbury Cathedral, dive into their YouTube Channel.

Meet the current Archbishop, as well as take a peek at Bishopthorp Palace (click on the image below):

Check out this YouTube video of Bishopthorpe Palace:


The line to John Sharp goes like this:

    Ivy S. Dutton (TX, USA, born 2008)
    Joseph A. Dutton (AR, USA, born 1965)
    Norman G. Dutton (AR, USA)
    William R. Dutton (AR, USA)
    Nancy A Robertson (AR, USA)
    Mary Ellen Young (TN, USA, born 1846)
    James Young (TN, USA)
    Robert D. Young (TN, USA)
    Margaret Galbraith (TN, USA)
    Mary Martin Sharp (PA, USA, born 1747)
    John Sharp (Scotland)
    Thomas Sharp (Scotland)
    John Lee Sharp (Scotland, born 1669) Archbishop of York

……………………………………………. is living up to its claims! It used to take months of painstaking research and digging – even traveling to far away places – to gather information for your family tree. But now you can put together a family tree in the comfort of your own home and with just clicks of a mouse. It’s amazing! So far, I’ve followed one branch of Holly’s family tree all the way back to the Roman Empire (about 100 A.D.).

More to come!

In the meantime, here’s some commercials and spoofs. 🙂

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Footnote: there are many Duttons in Australia, but the name Dutton originated in England. I’m curious to know if some of these Duttons were convincts shipped to Australia in the 18th and 19th century. More digging….



Another spoof…

Yet another spoof:

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