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The Dutton Family Tree in a Straight Line

Posted by on June 25, 2012

Some more intruiging Ancestry information. Much to my surprise, I found out my Mom and Dad were distant (very distant) cousins. Dutton’s on my mom’s side of the family as well!

An important point, though: In Dad’s downline, there is a gap between 1450 and 1650 exists with no records explaining the history of Debora Dutton. She was in England, as was her boyfriend John Cobb, but both came to America. There is no explanation as to why they did not marry. We do not know who the parents of Deborah Dutton are, or her origin of birth.

Yet, ironically, we can trace my Mother’s side of the family waaaaaaay back to the year 1000, and it intersects with the Duttons right about the time of Anne Boleyn and her infamous beheading.
One of her suitors (also beheaded) was William Brereton – son of Eleanor Dutton.

Dad’s Side of the Family

Gap in Record here:

  • Debora Dutton 1630 – 1687 (partner or married to John Cobb)
  • John Dutton 1654 –
  • Thomas Dutton 1684 – 1753
  • Thomas Dutton 1717 – 1783
  • Baker Dutton 1761 – 1800
  • Abraham Dutton 1801 – 1855
  • Milton Dutton 1830 – 1909
  • Henry W Dutton 1861 – 1923
  • William R Dutton 1890 – 1968 (wife Mary Ellen Farris – to the Farris line from Ireland)
  • Norman G Dutton 1933 – 1983
  • Joseph Dutton 1965 –
  • Ivy Dutton 2008 –

On Mom’s side

  • Ivo Viscount of Contentin S: Emme Countess of Bretange 1026
  • Odard de Dutton Lord of Dutton I 1061 S: Alice Dutton 1060
  • Hugh FitzOdard de Dutton Lord of Dutton II B:1096 d: 1096 S: Alice Pichard 1106
  • Hugh de Dutton Lord of Dutton III 1128 S: Alice Prescott 1132
  • Hugh de Dutton IV 1155 S: Isabell de Massey 1155 Dau of Hamon de Massey Baron of Dunham
  • Sir Hugh de Dutton Knight, Lord of Dutton V 1172 Sp:Murial le Despencer
  • Sir Hugh de Dutton VI Lord of Dutton
  • Sir Thomas Dutton, Lord of Dutton VII 1214 Spouse: Phillipa de Standon, Staffs
  • Sir Hugh de Dutton, Knight, Lord of Dutton VIII 1251 Sp:Joan d/o Vrian deSancto
  • Sir Hugh de Dutton, Knight, Lord of Dutton IX 12-8-1276/1326 S: Joan de Holland
  • Sir Thomas Dutton, Knight, Lord of Dutton X 1314/1381 S: Ellen Thornton 1316
  • Sir Laurence de Dutton, Lord of Dutton XI
  • Sir Peter de Dutton Lord of Dutton XII 1367 S: Elizabeth Butler (Dau of Sir Will Butler of Beusy Lord of Warrington)
  • Hugh Dutton of Hatton Mayor of Chester 1410 S: Margaret Athurton 1410
  • John de Dutton of Hatton 1462 Mayor of Chester England Spouse: Margaret Atherton (son Richard Dutton through whom we connect to the Dutton’s listed in the “The Duttons of Vermont) (also to Mahala Dutton, survivor of Titanic, and Henry Dutton Governor of Connecticut)
  • Peter Dutton 1428 Spouse: Elizabeth Grosvenor 1430
  • Peter Dutton 1465 Spouse: Elizabeth Foulehurst 1454 (Daughter Eleanor Dutton) Eleanor Dutton was born about 1484, lived in Hatton, Cheshire, England and died after 1522 in Malpas, Cheshire, England . Eleanor married Randall Brereton about 1502 while living in Hatton, Cheshire, England. Randall was born about 1485 in Malpas, Cheshire, England. He died about 1530 in Shocklack, Cheshire, England . Her son William Brereton was housed in the Tudor Dynasty as Knight and in service to King Henry VIII and was beheaded along with Anne Boelyn.
  • Eleanor Dutton 1484 –
  • Elizabeth Brereton
  • Margaret Mainwaring
  • Sir George Mainwaring
  • Margaret Mainwaring
  • John Baker
  • Robert Baker
  • Joseph Baker
  • Joseph Baker
  • Hannah Baker
  • Margaret Talbot
  • Thomas Grisell
  • Euphemia Grisell Townsend
  • Elizabeth Watson
  • Captain George Walker
  • Jesse Walker
  • Jesse John Walker
  • Melissa B Walker
  • Polk Walker
  • Virgil Walker
  • Mabel Walker (married Landus Earl Downing, child of Manora Downing through whom we connect to the the Spencer line)
  • Shirley June Downing
  • Joseph Dutton
  • Ivy Dutton

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