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The Dutton Name

Posted by on April 25, 2008
I decided to look up the name Dutton on the web and see what it's origins might be, and I found quite a bit of information. Cool stuff! I assume we're related to this in some way. In short, the name Dutton goes way back to about the year 1000 and first appeared in Cheshire, England. LOTS of information and trails to follow! So I just sort of threw this together as a general overview... There ya go! Happy reading! Joey Share on Facebook

17 Responses to The Dutton Name

  1. andrew jones_dutton

    hi its a small world my mothers side decended from the hall in warrington uk my mother still has some furniture but have no knowlege of the deeds mith does say they were roundheads during the civil war please get in touch andy acrefair wrexham 44 hampdenway LL14#3UP

  2. Christina Dutton

    hi . it is indeeed a small world. my father is from northern england, Hartipool by the border actually. if you know any thing interesting let me know

  3. Sharleen Dutton

    hi im a Dutton from Australia, i was very interested in our english background and id just like to thank you for putting this site up.

  4. Paul SInger

    I am not a Dutton but my Grandmother was born a Dutton in Cheshire in 1920 and also is Decended from the Duttons of Dutton Hall which i was trying to reasearch on the net , when i found this site.

    I am not sure about the family crest shown here, it is different to the one above the door in Dutton Hall.

    Although the hall is still standing it has been moved (in the 1930s) to East Grinstead in Sussex where it serves as part of a School. It was in a derilict and ruined state when it was removed from Dutton.

    I think i read somewhere that some Duttons were roundheads as well as fighting on both sides in the war of the roses.

    The first recorded Dutton in the area was a norman by the name of Odard de Dutton (please forgive any spelling errors in name, it could be spelled differently) who it is believed was given the land by William the Conqueror after helping with the invasion of 1066.

    What i would like to know if anybody has any idea, is why the Duttons lost the Hall or let it go to ruin..My Garandmother thinks it has something to do with gambling but doesnt know who lost it, or when

  5. Nathan Dutton

    Anybody know why there is a large difference between the “Dutton Family Crest” and the crest that is in the Dutton Hall? I’m lookin to get a family tattoo, and i would hate to mess that up! If yea know let me know please.

  6. Joey

    No, I do not know. I have been told the image that is online called the “Dutton Family Crest” is incorrect. My guess is it is just something someone made up on a computer just to sell a plaque. The one in Dutton Hall is probably correct. But I’m only guessing!

  7. Colwyn (Dutton) Beynon

    My Maternal Grandmother was Clarrisa Dutton. Born of Joseph Dutton of Chester.
    The embossed crest on a family envelope is five osterich feathers mounted in a ducal coronet. My father Edward Howard Beynon emigrated to Canada in 1923. His home was Craiglands Barry Island. His Grand father was a brewer and malster in haverfordwest. I am76 years of age. Any help? Colwyn (ApEinion) Beynon Paternal side

  8. Denise Dutton

    My paternal grandparents lived in Tarpoley as I grew up and I still have family all over the Cheshire area. I have only just started looking into the name so am really interested in anything you can find out.

  9. Annie Dutton

    Hi, I am looking for Annie Dutton bn 1899 in Cheshire. Her father was Peter Dutton and they came from Taporley, Cheshire. I am interested in Annie,as I am wondering if she mrd John George Walley/Whalley from Fylde, Lancs. Regards Irene Cooper

  10. Eric Dunton

    I have been doing some research on my family, the Dunton. I am a Knight i do whats called full contact jousting and i was wanting to use my family heritage to base my persona for when we are doing shows. And i have found the connection through DNA to the Duttons of Cheshire, Other Duttons, who possessed neither titles nor great estates, being younger branches, began a migration to America. In 1630, John Dutton immigrated to New England where his descendants today are known as the Duttons of Massachusetts. (Dunton)
    The reason the crest changes is because depending on the family standing at the time depends on what charges and elements the family was allowed to have on there crest. The one that is on House of Names is the most common crest, it was the baseline crest that the family final crest was taken from that is displayed in Dutton Hall, So Nathan if you where wanting to get a tattoo of the family crest use the one that is done in stained glass in Dutton Hall there is also a fisrt virsion of the family crest from around the time of Odard the first Dutton. if you go to,

  11. Landus Dutton

    Joey, Ive traced our line back to 1800 to 1820 to our G,G,G, grandfather ( Milton)into Illinois and his (Abraham)father into Ohio ,but have not been able to link us to the Dutton’s from Penn. or Mass. If I could find the missing link there seems to be a lot of information to trace way back into England.
    I always thought of myself as a Southern boy , but Milton was in the 116th Illinois regiment that fought in almost every major campaign of the war including Shermans march thru the south…….. I was surprised to say the least : )
    I was able to loosely trace our grandmothers family to the Mann’s of England around 1452 pretty kewl !

  12. Hassie Gahl

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  13. stanley dutton

    hi, i am 78 years old and live 3 miles away from
    dutton farm,the site of dutton hall.
    in my working life i had cause to manage the# farm that my ancesters walked.
    i am stuck at 1759 a peter dutton baptised
    at davenham church.his father peter dutton
    martha forster good luck in your searching

  14. Randall Dutton

    According to a website I found on the Duttons of Pennsylvania. The reason Dutton Hall fell into disrepair is because the family patriarchal line got down to just one man and he died before having children especially a male heir to carry the name. That left only the Duttons that were not royalty or landowners. They were Quakers and two of them immigrated to America in the sixteen hundreds. That is where most of the Duttons living in America came from was from one of those to lines. One was called the Duttons of Pennsylvania, and the other was called the Duttons of Massachusetts. The website is very interesting and if you have a chance to look at it someone has traced the lineage all the way back to Norseman which is what Odard was. The lineage even goes back into Norse legend. The first generation being the King of Finland. I have tried to find a book that was written by Fred E. Dutton titled The Duttons of Massachusetts but have not had much luck, but I am still trying to find it. I am from a family of Duttons in Kansas U.S.A. but my Grandfather’s name was Calvin Paul Dutton and in his obituary it stated that he was born in Butler, Missouri. I can’t make the connection between him and any other Dutton’s in Missouri but he was born in 1889 and in those days people moved from place to place quite often and his parents could have emigrated from someplace back East and only stayed in Missouri for awhile. If anyone has any information on Duttons in Missouri or some that may have emigrated from Massachusetts to Missouri I would appreciate you sharing it with me. My grandfather was married to my father’s mother for only a short time and she died of breast cancer in 1933. My grandfather then moved to Wichita, Kansas where he married again and lived until he died in 1953. And here is a salute to Duttons everywhere may you live long lives and prosper, have many Dutton children and find what you are looking for.

  15. Don Dutton

    im not even sure if this site is still up and running but i too have been trying to trace the dutton name im told by my father and grandmother that my branch of the duttons came over from england and there were 3 brothers one of which settled in new york one in alabama and the third in tennesse i have found out that there is a town here in alabama with the name of duttonif there is anyone else that can lend some info that would be great

  16. DUTON

    Mon grand’ Père était, par sa mère, d’ origine anglaise c’ est elle qui lui a donné son nom mais, hélas je n’ en sais guère plus sur son lieu de naissance d’ origine. Sauf qu’ il y a quelques descendants des Duton de Dutton qui habitent en France. MERCI pour toutes vos informations regroupées très intelligemment. Et si besoin est, merci de me contacter ( Elizabeth DUTON résident à PARIS – FRANCE )

  17. John Dutton

    I am visiting England in May 2013 I wonder If I have any relatives that remember me John Dutton son of Joan and Eric Dutton who moved to South Africa in the 1960s