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Monster Truck Show!

Posted by on February 11, 2017

Only 1 week ago this place was watched by over a billion people for Super Bowl 51. Today it is Monster Trucks.

Of all things, Ivy’s Girl Scout Troop had tickets to a Monster Truck show! I would never have expected that. But they did, and asked if we wanted to go. I said, heck yeah, let’s go! So we did, and we took Romeo – the boy across the street – as well, because I figured this was more of boy sort of thing. It was loud and fun.

Ivy enjoyed it too, much to my surprise. Or maybe she just enjoyed hanging out with her Girl Scout troop. But, whatever. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

If you go to a Monster Truck show be sure to take some ear plugs! Otherwise, it won’t be quite as fun. You’ll spend most of the time with your fingers in your ears.

We ate popcorn and coke and watched the whole show. We also rode the metro to NRG stadium, which is kind of an experience in itself. Lots of weird people on that metro.

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