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End of Summer Review

Posted by on August 28, 2017

School vacation is almost over! So once again here is a summer vacation review.

This summer wasn’t quite as full as the last few summers. I didn’t feel like being on the go-go-go every day, and Ivy indicated she didn’t want to be super busy either. Much to my surprise she was often quite content to just be at home and do nothing (well, watch cartoons or play on her iPad). But still, we managed to pack in plenty of activities and fun and accomplishments.

  • Art Museum – Kicked summer off right with a visit to the art Museum. Lots of boobies! Boobies at every turn!
  • Shiny New Skyscraper – Mooovin’ on up! Scenes from the 30th floor.
  • 1903 Circus show – It’s Holly’s birthday! Let’s go to the circus. Good show! We saw them appear on America’s Got Talent later on in this truncated version of the show – >
  • Rusty Dies – Sad day for us. He quietly passed away on July 12th.
  • Impact VBS – What an awesome church. This 6 week vacation bible school is more like a Summer Camp. The kids got to go places and do lots of things, and even got a bag of school supplies and some Sketcher shoes that light up!
  • St John’s VBS – Another round of this awesome and exciting VBS with Jenna Kuykendahl
  • Girl Scout Sleepover – Spent the night with a bunch of giggly girls at “The Cottage” (Girl Scout headquarter house in the Heights).
  • Got on TNT Team – Tumbling and Trampoline here we come!
  • Vault! – See video below.
  • Eclipse Day at SplashTown – See video below.
  • Hurricane! – See video below.

Vault Daycamp Only a few blocks from our house is this awesome training center for acrobatics. Ivy did 5 days in a daycamp for kids. 4 kids altogether participated, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Heck, it looks fun to me too. I want to do that!

Splashtown day of the eclipse!
It’s a bummer that we couldn’t fly our private jet to Wyoming and watch the total eclipse. So the next best thing is go to a water park! Ivy, Jose, and myself spent the day at Wet n Wild in Houston. It was fun! We also brought along some special glasses to look at the eclipse which was about 60% here in Texas.

School is supposed to TODAY (Monday, August 28th) but right now there is Hurricane Harvey is blowing through and causing havoc. The first day of school was cancelled…and then the entire week of school has been cancelled! An epic amount of flooding is going on, and more flooding is expected. It will be Wednesday or Thursday before the rain stops. We’re sitting here in the house safe and dry, but bored to death. Mom was here (Ivy’s Grandma Shirley) as her husband and his daughter and grandsons were down in Surfside on the beach. But they had to evacuate because of the hurricane, and on Sunday they made their way out of town toward Austin and then on to Arkansas.

We were very fortunate to have very little damage from the hurricane. But the flooding came VERY close – literally just a blocks away! The bayou is walking distance from our house (4 blocks, or about 1/4 of a mile) and it certainly did destroy several homes along the freeway. But we’re high enough that it didn’t creep up to our block. Still, nearly every street our of here was blocked by water. In fact, hundreds of streets and highways throughout Houston were blocked. It was next to impossible to get out and go anywhere for a couple of days.

These are pics from Holly’s phone:

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