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My Wedding Ring Review for Guys

Posted by on September 26, 2017

Okay, I’ve gone through 3 wedding rings now. No, not 3 marriages, just 3 wedding rings during my 10+ years of marriage. First, a traditional Silver ring, then a more expensive Titanium, and finally a cheap(er) Silicon ring.

The first ring I bought when I got married was a traditional Silver ring. Honestly it never fit right and was kind of annoying. But, you know how it goes; there is pressure to spend some bucks and do the traditional thing. Unfortunately, it would come off easily, and one day while walking the dogs, it just popped right off my finger without me even noticing. Later that night my wife – being a detailed oriented person – noticed it wasn’t on my finger and asked, “Where is your ring??” Suddenly, I was aware it was gone. I knew it could’ve only come off during that walk with the dogs, but a thorough search and backtracking of my steps turned up nothing.

Traditional Silver Ring

Traditional Silver Ring

So, I decided to replace it, but this time get something unique and what I actually liked. I settled on a black titanium ring with gold stripes. It just looked cool, I thought, plus the selling point was the super-hard metal that would last forever. The price was around $200. I actually ordered it on-line with the typical skepticism of whether it would even fit, but it fit perfectly. So this ring stayed on my finger for several years to come.

But, as time passed, I gained a little weight, and this ring that used to fit perfectly was now snug and creating a rash on my finger. It was often itchy and next to impossible to pull off of my finger. I literally had to use petroleum jelly or baby oil to lubricate my finger and then twist, twist, twist and pull to pull the thing off. It was painful, as well, to pull it off. After several attempts to clean it and wear it again…each time with same irritation and discomfort, I finally just took it off one day and didn’t put it back on. Done with that.


So, I go shopping again for a ring and I stumble upon an advertisement for a Silicon ring. What’s that, I wondered? It claimed to be much more comfortable than a traditional ring, as well as MUCH more safe because it is flexible. I decided to give it a try mainly because the price was so low…anywhere from $10 to $80 for a ring. I figured, well, there’s not much to lose! Just a little cash maybe. Let’s give it a try. So I ordered a ring… 3 rings, in fact, for just $25.

A week or so later, a dude from Amazon tossed a box over my fence, I opened it up, and there lay 3 nice little rings… slipped one one… ahhh! So nice and comfortable. Yes, it is flexible. Much like a rubber band, but only thicker. It slips on and off easily, but while it is on it does not slip or move around, and doesn’t irritate in any way. It also comes with some peace of mind knowing it won’t get caught on machinery and rip my finger off.


So, my advice is go for the silicone ring right from the start. Yes, I know there is a bit of a stigma there – it’s a cheap ring, whereas I’m supposed to be spending thousands of dollars on wedding rings, right?! Well, go ahead and spend thousands on her ring, but for yourself just know that a man’s ring is potentially more hazardous or likely to be lost. No, it won’t stay on your finger permanently forever. There are many situations where it will need to be removed. It probably won’t shine forever either. It WILL lose its luster after awhile and lots of wear and tear. Spend your money on a ring that is comfortable, safe, and flexible. Actually, it’s more likely THAT will stay on your finger longer than an expensive gold-plated diamond-covered piece of rock. The only downside is that a silicone ring isn’t going to be shiny and sparkly. No one is going to look at your ring and say “Ooh, that’s nice!” And there is always that subtle fear that some snooty jerk is going to look at your ring and quietly condemn you as cheap. Just laugh and ask why are they looking at your ring anyway? Shopping around?

If you want more reviews, just go look it up on Youtube. There are LOTS of reviews, comparisons, and even advertisements for silicone rings. Like this one…

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