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Birthday and a Snow Day!

Posted by on December 9, 2017

Happy birthday, Jane! On the 3rd of December, Holly treated her momma to a birthday meal at the Melting Pot – a fondue place where they bring out each course of the meal and you get to dip it in the cheese pot, or later cook your own meat in a simmering hot oil. It is sort of group-fun for dinner. I recommend it! But, be warned, it is pricey (about $50 per person).

Here’s :10 seconds of the dinner…


Wow! We wake up Saturday morning to SNOW! Early Saturday morning before the sun came up, I rolled over in bed and glanced out the window. It looked different. Why was it bright?

I get up and look out the window and…. SNOW! Amazing. No more going to sleep. I took a few pics and woke everyone else up. By then the whole neighborhood was waking up. My neighbor even sent me a text about 6 a.m. saying ‘look out the window!!’.

I actually miss this stuff. LOL.

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